Recruitment of innovation leaders
Recruitment positions and conditions:

Has the ability and experience to independently lead the scientific research team, and has led the team to achieve good performance and results.Can work full-time in The Institute of Corrosion Science and Technology.The age is generally not more than 50 years old (special talents can be relaxed).

Talents engaged in basic research: must have the original ability to propose and solve major scientific problems, have a high academic level, and the results have certain scientific value. It has an important innovation status and academic influence in the relevant international fields, and is highly recognized by peers. Possess the ability to drive the development of research teams and improve the level of disciplines. It can provide better basic scientific and technological support for industrial development and applied research.

Talents engaged in applied basic research and technology development: must have the ability to make major technological breakthroughs and applications, and have made or can make actual contributions to the development of domestic and international related industries. The results have high technological innovation, creativity, maturity and completeness, and the technical indicators are relatively advanced. Obtaining independent intellectual property rights, the transformation and application of achievements are relatively good; or certain achievements have been made in the formulation of standards and the promotion of key technologies.

Talents engaged in industrialization: must have industrialized companies or technologies close to industrialization, and have relatively good application scenarios in the industry or technical field. Possess the systematic vision, innovation ability and sense of responsibility for industrialization work.

Research fields: corrosion science and protection technology, material-related science and technology, monitoring-related technology, and interdisciplinary science and technology.

Salary and benefits:

Referring to the corresponding standards of world-class new R&D institutions, the selected candidates will be provided with internationally competitive agreed remuneration packages (fixed annual salary of 600,000-3 million + scientific research performance bonus) and sufficient scientific research start-up funds.

Fully support its formation of a team, or introduce it in the form of a team.

Provide a one-time settling fee (the specific case is negotiable).

Those who conform to the relevant local talent policies can assist them to apply for the talent package after they are officially hired (up to 5 million housing subsidy)

Equipped with experimental site as needed. Assist in solving household registration, children's schooling, spouse's work, etc., and do our best to create a high-quality working and living environment.

Fully support the transformation of scientific research achievements, innovation and entrepreneurship and incubation.

Collection of incubation projects
Requirements for Solicitation Projects:

Leading technology and high maturity, with independent intellectual property rights and clear intellectual property background, with good market prospects. Focus on corrosion science and protection technology, new materials and other fields.

The core members of the project team work in the research institute at least half of the time every month (special circumstances are discussed on a case-by-case basis).

Project funding:

Supporting funds: up to 10 million.

Incubation period: 2-3 years.

Provide support: offices, laboratories and other venues; technology, talents, laboratory resources, etc.; technology project incubation operation platform and professional service team.

Other support is negotiable if needed.

Other benefits

Enjoy various employee benefits of the institute, including high-standard payment of five social insurances and one housing fund, meal allowance, welfare check-up, housing subsidy for employees in different places, and reimbursement of transportation expenses for employment in different places (specifically, the policy documents of the institute shall prevail);

Other special needs are negotiable.

Contact information

Well-known scholars and experts at home and abroad who meet the above conditions are welcome to come to the Institute for inspection and exchange, or send their resumes and supporting materials to

Unit address: Building B2, No. 136 Kaiyuan Avenue, Huangpu District, Guangzhou

Other instructions

This announcement is valid for a long time. Regulations on recruitment conditions, recruitment procedures and post-employment management, in case of adjustments to relevant national, local and research institute regulations and policies, shall be implemented in accordance with the new regulations and policies;

The right to interpret this announcement belongs to The Institute of Corrosion Science and Technology

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