Based on the platforms and resources of the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Engineering Research Center for Corrosion Control, Asia Pacific Academy of Materials, Marine Materials Association of China, Corrosion Resistant Materials and Corrosion Control Branch of China Materials Research Society, China Nuclear Energy Association, Guang Dong Anticorrosion Association, etc., through scientific and technological information, big data, simulation and other means, the center has established the product standard system of the Institute of Corruption and Innovation and has built an information laboratory which integrates Sample Database, Patent Database, Production Chain Simulation Database and Performance Test Database for all Scenarios. Besides, the center uses standards as a means to solidialize the best practice output of the Institute’s technology for industry applications, and focuses on standard chain services in marine equipment, oil and gas and chemical industry, electronics and electric, new energy, manufacturing, public safety facilities and other fields, so that realizes the soft assets of the whole industrial chain at last.

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